Who We Are

Citipointe Church is an exciting place to be!  It is a place where you will find people who have been genuinely touched and changed by God.  But in reality, Citipointe is not a place at all!!  It is a people — a people in relationship with God and each other.  A place where community is more than just a name — it is an experiential reality.  

At Citipointe, you will find grace and liberty.  You will find people who are committed to love God and love people.  Those who attend find freedom, not only to be themselves, but also to let God be God in every aspect of their lives.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is our Lord and Savior and we worship Him in spirit and truth.  He’s alive and He’s awesome!  It is our desire to serve Him with all our might.

We are not a special people . . . . . . .  only a people who love a special God!!!  The God we serve has an incredible love for every person on planet earth and it is His sacrificial love for every person that is our inspiration and pattern for living.  The world we now live in is vastly different from what it was before 9/11.  In the midst of the uncertainties and chaos of our world, we all need a place of security — a place where we can experience true peace and joy, while at the same time find answers to the hard questions.  A place that provides feeling and support of family.  Citipointe Church is just such a place.