God is Love

This simple statement is the essence of Christianity.  God loves us.  God love us even when we are unlovely.  He loves us so much that He Himself paid the penalty for our sin to fulfill divine justice.  He doesn’t wait for us to love Him.  In the midst of our sinful life, Christ died for us. 

We Love God With All of Our Being

God is love. Christianity is a love relationship with the Creator of all that is. His love for us evokes love from us.  As we walk in this love relationship with Him, life becomes meaningful and joyful.  The abundant LIFE that Jesus offers is a life filled with love. 

We Love Other People 

Love cannot be contained.  It demands expression.  Because of the great love that God has for us, our hearts overflow with life and love.  That love manifests itself in a multiplicity of ways as we share our life with the people around us.

We Must Equip People to Experience This Meaningful Life 

We are not here just to sing songs and pat each other on the back. We must connect with people to help them get the most out of life. We must work together to equip one another to walk in this abundance of life that Christ offers.