At Citipointe there are no members. Those who choose to be affiliated with this church are called “partners” rather than members.

Why Partnership?

It is the desire of Citipointe Church to be people based and relationship oriented in all that we do. We believe that partnership speaks the truth of our relationship more clearly. Philippians 1:5 in the Amplified Bible reads, “I thank my God for your fellowship – your sympathetic cooperation and contributions and partnership – in advancing the good news….” Partnership speaks of a greater cooperation, contribution, and participation than does membership!

In the business world, a partner has ownership and involvement that is a key link to the overall success of the business. A partner is intimately connected to the productivity of the business by being a working and functioning participant. This is the relationship partners have at Citipointe.

Citipointe is a teaching and equipping church. People are taught the word of God in a systematic way and are fully “equipped for the work of the ministry.” (Ephesians 4:12)  With this foundation there is a release of grace and faith for personal involvement in ministry to our hurting world.

We are not just members of a church – WE ARE PARTNERS IN MINISTRY!